Rossini Petite Messe

We have noted that some Choirs have put other pieces with the Rossini, as – in itself –

it is not very long.   May we suggest the following for your consideration –


‘On Photography’ by Gavin Bryars – 25mins. Pub: Schott

Bryars is one of our greatest contemporary composers. Scored for the same resources as the Rossini (harmonium, piano & 4 part choir), Bryars had previously played the Harmonium in a performance of that work If a shorter piece is required – you could consider the middle movement of this work. It would make a lovely addition to the Rossini and only takes 18mins.


Ave Maria by Richard Knight – for Harmonium & Piano & 4 part choir.   3&half mins long. Contact us for details.


Joyce Fantasy by Delz. Written to celebrate Joyce’s 50th anniversary.

For Chorus, Soprano, 2 pianos & Harmonium (said to be Joyce’s favourite instrument)


Carminalia’ by Sibelius.   Written for Harmonium, Piano & Voices.


‘Gloria’ by Cecile Chaminade. This is from her Messe Pour Deux Voix Egales. It needs 2 soloists + Harmonium. Although I haven’t timed it exactly, I reckon about 10mins would do it.


‘Field Mass’ by Martinu – written for Harmonium, Winds & Voices. About 23mins

Originally the harmonium was a small portable such as those used in the trenches.


‘Berliner Requiem’ by Kurt Weill – written for Harmonium, Winds, Guitar & Banjo.   21mins

6 poems by Brecht – whose subjects are war and dying.


‘Requiem’ by Puccini. A very short work. For Harmonium, Viola & Voices


‘Otcenas’ (Our Father) by Janacek – another short work originally written for Harmonium,

Harp & Voices. 18mins.


Messe des Pecheurs de Villerville by Faure/Messager.   For Harmonium in ensemble & Voices.

Originally scored for Harmonium & Violin


Grainger P     various songs for Solo & Choir with Harmonium & ensemble


A delightful addition can also be a short set of Piano & Harmonium Duos played before the Rossini.     Widor composed such a set, so did Saint-Saens. Also Guilmant & Karg-Elert.


Jonathan Scott has arranged a number of classic pieces to be played on Harmonium & Piano.

(See the Scott Brothers CD for Harmonium & Piano)