Black Mustel & Late Mustel on stage in Purcell Room South Bank for Anne Page's Concert | Photo by Tim Clayton
Black Mustel & Late Mustel on stage in Purcell Room South Bank for Anne Page's Concert | Photo by Tim Clayton

We have 6 top quality harmoniums for hire.
If you need a harmonium for a performance, we feel sure we can help you. We have a range of different harmoniums suitable for the available repertoire

Should you be interested in hiring one of our instruments, contact us for details, costs etc and we will send you our information. Customers have frequently complimented us on our prompt & friendly service and we pride ourselves on our “Fuss-Free” reputation!
Should you wish to familiarise yourself with the instruments, you are most welcome to visit our base in Yorkshire – easily accessible by public transport – where you will be offered support and guidance from us. Please call to arrange a time.

Over the 37yrs we have been enthusiasts for reed organs, we have built up a wealth of experience, all of which is used to maintain our instruments to a high standard.
Consequently they are highly regarded both in UK and abroad – a Belgian Organist & Harmoniumist commented that the Black Mustel was “a joy to play, being a truly well oiled instrument”.
He was referring to the ease with which the instrument could be played.

We are pleased to announce that Phil
has been honoured with an Award from
the Royal Academy of Music in London.

He is now an Honorary Associate of RAM.
He was given this award for his dedicated
work in educating people about harmoniums
and for supporting what is the only
Harmonium Course in the UK – tutored by
Prof Anne Page at the Royal Academy of Music.


Just to say a huge Thank you for all your invaluable advice and guidance in Corbridge towards my harmonium debut! I had enormous fun with it and it was wonderful to have the Dvorak Bagatelles to accompany.

I’m glad I’ve found out about you, so I will know where to find an excellent instrument any time I/we might need one. I’m in awe of your dedication!! Good luck with the Proms…

Ben Frith    Gould Piano Trio    July 2019

Thanks for helping out yesterday. It was without doubt one of the best days I’ve had working for English Heritage, and I had so much fun. The harmonium was perfect in the setting, and Jonathan was a marvellous performer, with such a beautiful sound. When we eventually get everything together I’ll send you copies of the tracks and the images for your archive. Phil was very accommodating, and the day couldn’t have run any more smoothly. I hope he had a good journey home (great idea to have a camper van to transport the instruments).

Eleanor Matthews    Curator     Brodsworth Hall and Gardens     English Heritage   March 2019

I’m glad Phil enjoyed the Bryars piece. It’s a slow burner that reveals its quality only gradually but at the end we thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
Both it and the Rossini went down really well with the audience.
Our thanks to you both for providing us with such a lovely instrument. I was amazed it was bang on concert pitch after 200 miles on the road!
I hope we get the chance to use a harmonium again and we certainly know where to come.
Our very best wishes for the future success of your marvellous enterprise.

Alistair Wesley    Treasurer     Edinburgh Bach Choir    March 2019

Thank you so much for letting us use your beautiful harmonium – it was certainly the icing on the cake for a lovely concert of Rossini’s Petite Messe Solennelle. I am sure that people will be talking about it for some time. Alex certainly enjoyed playing it and I am sure that Rossini would be pleased too!
I have been to a different choir rehearsal this evening and I was correct – people are still talking about it!
Joe Gomme, our Chairman also added that ‘We used a lovely 1880 harmonium for our Rossini concert in December 2018. It was delivered on time and in excellent condition, and Philip proved very informative for informal questions during the interval. We will certainly use the service again when we next need a harmonium.

Judith Vaughan Secretary   &   Joe Gomme Chairman   Shrewsbury Cantata Choir
December 2018

All went well – the concert was a great success and the harmonium was splendid. It was a pleasure to meet Phillip and to work with you both throughout this process. Whenever we are in need of a harmonium again there is no doubt we will call on you.

Jonathan Koestle-Cate    Concert Manager    Hackney Singers    October 2018

The concert went very well indeed and the harmonium went down a storm. Jonathan gave a really fantastic little talk about it and demonstrated how it worked – it was SO interesting.
People were thrilled – and there were lots of them so that was great.
Thank you very much for the smooth arrangements, greatly appreciated.
I also hope we might be able to work together again some time.

Administrator   Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus    June 2018

Just a quick thanks for the glorious instrument that accompanied us at Sheffield last weekend. It is the second time I have been accompanied in the Rossini by one of your instruments (having done the piece in Skipton a few years back.) What a magnificent tone they both had, but possibly this one just pipped the previous one. Room filling warmth.

Richard Rowe    Tenor Soloist    Sheffield Philharmonic Society    May 2018

Thanks (too) for the wonderful service, and for letting us use the Debain. It brought real authenticity and clarity to the performance, especially under Anne’s wonderful hands!

I’ll know where to come when I next need a harmonium!
All best, and have a good Easter.

Paul Jackson    Conductor    Haslingfield Choral     March 2018

It was an excellent performance – one person said the best concert we have ever given and the best soloists. The piano and harmonium were fantastic.

Anne Vickerman    Concert Organiser     Bradford Chorale    March 2018

Thanks Phil – I really enjoyed myself

Sean Montgomery    Harmonium Player    Bradford Chorale    March 2018

Hi Pam, thank you and Phil …. for your excellent service and support for this concert.
Phil was wonderful! He will have told you that he gave a short illustrated introduction to the instrument at the start of the concert, which we all found fascinating – if only we had had the time for it to be longer. And he was such a joy to meet and talk to. I have thoroughly enjoyed dealing with you, and I hope to have the pleasure of doing so again at some point in the future. In the meantime, thank you both again, and I wish you continued success with your business

Douggie Lee    Conductor    Ariel Consort of London     March 2018

The (50th) birthday concert and associated whirlwind has rather consumed us but really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the concert. Thank you ever so much for hiring us your Black Beauty, which did a perfect job, and for being very easy to work with. I look forward to working with you both again in the future.

Hannah Bache    Concerts and Touring Coordinator    London Sinfonietta    January 2018

Thank you SO much for your work yesterday. The instrument sounded (and looked!) wonderful.Really great to meet you as well Phil. I hope our paths cross again. Pam – thank you for all your work behind the scenes!

Tim Johnson    Conductor Choral    Windsor & Eton Choral Society    January 2018

It was a great pleasure to work with Phil for our Rossini performance – he made everything so easy, from first getting in touch to delivery of the harmonium on the day. A highly recommended service with a personal touch!”

Gavin Alsop    University of Birmingham Choral    December 2017

It was all brilliant! Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful instruments, and for all the support as well.

Nansi Browne    Chair of Hadleigh Choral Society    November 2017

It was a pleasure for us to have you both there with us for the performance and thank you so much for taking the time to be so accommodating with our requests for the harmonium being moved about and set up in the concert etc.

I think Anne (harmonium player) also very much appreciated the help you offered her on your arrival at Trefoil house on day one, I’m a mere horn player so looking at what is involved in playing the harmonium to such a standard looks terrifying!

My line manager and my other colleague in the performance department also commented on how helpful and patient you were on Friday.
I will indeed keep you as a supplier and as my default company to go to – as you were fantastic!

David Mayne     Performance Dept Assistant    Birmingham Conservatoire    March 2017

So glad Phil enjoyed it – I didn’t manage to catch him afterwards to say thank you. But yes the harmonium was a beauty and you have both been very helpful.
Looking forward to working with you again.

Benedict Collins Rice    Facade Ensemble    Feb 2017

Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help to and from Canterbury and London for Trevor Pinnock’s project. The instrument was flawless and a joy to play. It was particularly nice for me to have the project as the culmination of four years of harmonium training at the Academy.

Joseph Beech –  Player   Royal Academy of Music Soloists Ensemble   Dec 2016
(Celebrating Trevor Pinnock’s birthday)

Thank you very much for your easy and efficient service. The instrument was a beauty and sounded perfect. I will definitely keep you in mind for any further performances.

Neil Moore    Director of Music    Bath Cantata Group    November    2016

“We all enjoyed the Rossini last night and there was a great deal of interest in the Harmonium!
It looked very grand in the Cathedral with its lighted candles and warm rosewood colour. Members of the audience really appreciated being able to talk to Phil about it during the Interval and our organist really enjoyed playing it.
I’m glad the journey to St. Davids went smoothly – we were very impressed by the instrument and all your helpful information on playing it.
Hope you continue to get plenty of custom and we will pass your name on to anyone who might be interested in hiring. Many thanks and very best wishes to you both on behalf of us all.”

Cor Dyfed Choir    July 2016

It was a pleasure meeting Phil and the harmonium was superb. Thank you both for doing such a great job for us.

Michael Nutt     Chairman of Orchestra Sub-Committee Norwich     Philharmonic Society
May 2016

NB This was a special performance of Mahler’s 8 to celebrate the Norwich Philharmonic Society’s 175th Anniversary.
And many thanks for letting us use your instrument – everyone was very pleased with it and I’m sure we’ll come to you again should we have another piece involving harmonium in the future.

Iona Jack    Organiser     Scottish Opera Company     March 2016

It was a great occasion, enhanced by the harmonium, which generated much interest and admiring looks from choir members and audience alike.

Peter Clayton    Chairperson    Hillsingers Wimbledon    March 2016

Friday was a lovely occasion, and it was wonderful to be able to play your Mustel again. It makes making the music so easy, and was sounding brilliant!”
Alex Binns     Professional Harmonium Player     Trained at the Royal Academy of Music
by Anne Page     March 2016

Your system works like clockwork, Phil was most helpful. The concert went extremely well, people were buzzing afterwards!
Chairperson of Choir     December 2015

I was sorry not to say a proper goodbye and thank you after the Rossini performance by the Bury St Edmunds Bach Choir ten days ago. I really appreciated your help, not only in supplying such a great instrument, but also for your friendly advice and support on the day. We were very pleased with the performance and the Mustel did so well, even in such a huge church.
Christopher Moore     Conductor     Bury St Edmunds Bach Choir     November 2015

“I really want to write to say thanks again to both of you. The Service was just as good as I remembered from before, and “Rosie” performed brilliantly. Our harmoniumist, Chris Harris declared himself to be in love within moments of their meeting – I think he’s still devastated that she went back to Yorkshire leaving him behind!

It was a really great concert, and with 120 singers plus two concert grand pianos, it was good to hear how well the harmonium could match the total sound, and yet still have subtle colours and gentler timbres when needed – absolutely brilliant!

Richard Jenkinson    Musical Director     Kent Chorus     April 2015

“Many thanks for the excellent service. I trust that Phil (and Rosie) had a safe journey home.

The harmonium was wonderful and I think we got the balance right in the end so that it was heard and appreciated by the audience. I certainly heard it from where I was standing! Our player enjoyed the challenge of getting to know the instrument.

Should I need a harmonium in the future, there is nowhere else I would consider going. I shall put a little note on the Association of British Choral Directors facebook page letting everyone know about your wonderful service.”

Stephen Smith    Music Director    Corsley Festival Choir    May 2015

Thank you very much for helping us out.  We very much enjoyed using the Debain Harmonium, and it received lots of positive comments.
…. Hope to work with you again in the future.

Director Of Music    Wantage    March 2015

“Thank you so much for being flexible with timings & all the permutations.
It was a real treat to have your instrument.
Our player introduced the instrument and played a couple of pieces explaining the workings.
An added bonus to the concert.

Robyn Sevastos    Music Director    Sevenoaks Philhamonic Society  March 2015

“Thank you so much for the sterling service! Phil asked me why I chose your company…. I was impressed by the fact that you had supplied harmoniums for so many Petite Messes, as it meant that we didn’t have to check suitability of the instrument etc., but also the fact that Phil would be on site through the day meant we didn’t have to worry about finding an in-house expert to deal with minor issues that might arise! Anything that reduces possible little stresses on the day is going to win me over, as the MD is my other half!

Amita Sharma    Orchestral Secretary    Thanet Festival Choir    November 2014

“I want to say a huge thank you for the fantastic support you provided for our Rossini Concert.
The glorious instrument itself, of course, but also the tender, loving care you’ve lavished on it, as well as the delivery and all the supporting material.

Richard Bloodworth    Musical Director    Darlington Choral Society    November 2014

“I wanted to say again how very grateful I am for all your help with the harmonium, given with such generous spirit, thank you!
The harmonium you brought was so lovely and I really did enjoy it! I so enjoyed meeting you and very much hope we’ll see you again. Thank you thank you.
Elizabeth Burley     Principal Keyboard Player     BBC Symphony Orchestra     November 2014

“We were very impressed with your package – arrived on time, installed seamlessly, worked as promised and disappeared almost before the audience had left – and we had Phil to talk to the people at the Interval…….. we will certainly be in touch if we need a harmonium and will recommend you if we get the opportunity”
Nick Feldman     Ipswich Chamber Choir     November 2014

“…. Phil provided everything we could have wished for and the Harmonium was the star of the concert.

We have had so many appreciative comments to that effect. Please thank Phil also for giving such helpful advice to Daniel, our keyboard player, who really enjoyed the challenge.

If we decide to play repertoire with harmonium again we won’t hesitate to ask you.”
Paul Barritt     Tring Chamber Music     July 2014

“The harmonium was really excellent; after a lot of experimentation (mostly with the expression stop), I found I was able to achieve nearly all of what I wanted! Which was not at all what I expected and is testament to the excellence of the instrument’s condition and the care with which you have restored it. One audience member said he was ‘totally converted’ to the sound of the harmonium after hearing the Mahler…”

Jan Waterfield     Harmonium Player     Northern Sinfonia Chamber Group     July 2014